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An interactive fiction game

Everyday Objects to Gold is a 36,000 word comedic choose-your-own-adventure story that revolves around an attempt to learn alchemy. In place of a way to transfigure something to gold, you might find Richard Nixon or a flock of particularly violent birds who sing the Frasier theme song. Perhaps you stumble into success as a restaurateur or discover the American history of teleportation.

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The game is publicly available on this website as well as on The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp.

Here are some facts!

Developer: Blake Pipes
Release Date: September 30th, 2018
Platform: Web Browser
Genres: Interactive fiction, Comedy, Twine
Website: (you're here) address:

Price: FREE
Language: English
Content level: It's got a hardy PG-13 vibe. Some graphic violence is described and there is some swearing. There is no graphic violence shown or anything of a sexual nature (past a couple innuendos regarding your romantic relationship with Richard Nixon).
Press Contact:
Social: Facebook
Soundtrack: Everyday Objects to Gold by Blake Pipes (

Here's a fun description!

Everyday Objects to Gold is an interactive fiction game, a 36,000 word choose-your-own-adventure story. There is a way to win and a way to lose and many, many ways in between.

Interact with Richard Nixon, snakes celebrating birthdays, deadly high fashion, wiener dogs, mysterious suits of armor, and far too much orange juice as you try your hand at the ancient art of alchemy. Doctor Francis McRee will be your guide through this perilous journey. Trust him and his wide collection of exotic drugs and you, too, can get the Midas touch!

Everyday Objects to Gold

Alchemy for the masses!